Vintage Clothing & Jewellery

We like to stock good quality clothing in classic styles. We usually have a range of Harris Tweed jackets, and hats and caps when we can find them. In women’s clothes we have all sorts of things from wraps through denim to glamour. We occasionally have shoes and we have some lovely vintage handbags.

There is a good selection of jewellery to go with your vintage outfit. Whether you are looking for demure pearls of sparking diamante, we usually have something to fit the bill.


We feel very strongly about recycling and reusing existing resources. Clothing and home textiles are areas where we are all constantly pressured into buying new and more whilst the textile industries are amongst the biggest polluters on the planet. We can only hope to make a small difference but there are so many lovely and useful items already created that we would like to encourage you to buy vintage. Our Harris Tweed jackets will probably last a lifetime, classic knitwear will never be out of fashion and household textiles increase in beauty over time. Patchwork quilts are heirlooms and old wool blankets are definitely one answer to less central heating. We know that dress sizes have changed over the years but old clothes can be reshaped, made into another garment, repurposed from adult to child and in the last event, stripped of buttons, trimmings etc and incorporated in new quilts. There are some stunning occasion dresses that will be individual and different, unlike mass produced items. To encourage you to have a go at refurbishing textiles we have a small stand of basic haberdashery items and a stand of Gutterman sewing threads