Can We Tempt You?

These are of some of the interesting items we have in stock.

We have recently acquired a number of genuine army uniforms and some very pretty reproduction dresses together with a number of accessories.

If you would like to buy anything, contact us and we will let you have any further information about the item and the price and carriage cost.

Edwardian Walking Suit reproduction

26 June 2023

Edwardian Walking Costume Reproduction Very pretty reproduction outfit comprising pleated skirt with padded hem and fitted jacket.

Royal Artillery Corps Dress Uniform

26 June 2023

Royal Artillery Corps Dress Uniform

Women’s Royal Signals Corps uniform

26 June 2023

Nathan by Parker Knoll sideboard.

18 April 2023

Lovely mid century Parker Knoll sideboard, Nathan, in teak. Good condition, useful piece of furniture with very pleasing lines.

Vintage Dress patterns

3 April 2023

We are overwhelmed with vintage dress patterns, Butterick, Burda, Style, Simplicity, New Look. You name it and we probably have it, I will catalogue these asap but in the meantime, if you are near Berwick, worth popping in to the shop for a look.

Unique metal sign from Baltit Fort

27 March 2023

This sign relates to the restoration of Baltit Fort in the 1940s and is probably unique. Who knows how it ended up here, maybe one of the team that did the restoration brought it back with him. A charming and whimsical piece warning tourists of the dangers of being where they shouldn’t.

Industrial table lamp

16 March 2023

Is industrial grunge the right word for this one off articulated desk lamp? Would fit well with the industrial vibe so popular at the moment. Can be set in a number of different positions. A definite style statement.

Fabulous pair of American pinking shears

16 March 2023

Well worn and patinated but fabulous pair of pinking shears from the Pinking Shears Corporation of New York City. Who knows how many garments they have been used on. Real collectors piece.

Rabone and Chesterman tapemeasures

15 March 2023

One Rabone and One Chesterman tapemeasure. Lovely vintage condition, over 60 years old.

1960’s roll top Swedish desk

8 March 2023

This desk is in lovely condition and has retained its shine. It has the Made in Sweden mark on it but we have not been able to find a makers plate. We think it might be attributed to Broderna Gustaffson, very much in that style.

Stick Stand

25 January 2023

A cast aluminium (or other light metal) stick stand with the image of a sailor standing on a pedestal above crossed anchor and spade(?) 28 inches tall. We are not sure of the history of this, the imagery is quite complicated, but attractive none the less.


25 January 2023

“The Berlin Airlift” describes the scope and conduct of this famous logistical nightmare. “Unseen Archives” provides a great pictorial insight into life in wartime Britain, based on Daily Mail archives. And “Leisure” sets out all the ways in which a woman might have created income from her hobbies and associated skills. Published in the 1950s.